machining large mechanical constructions
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O.M.G. is a specialist in precision machining entailing boring, milling and framework constructions to realise medium and large sized products. The company realises structures for the most important global companies in the production of electric energy, manufacturing turbines for gas, steam, wind stations for the production of energy. The combination of professional competences, first-rate machine inventory and selection
of the used materials for machining large steel products, with hundredth of a millimeter tolerances. The company also realises industrial automation systems, highly automated machining lines and transfer lines, on drawing. O.M.G. is the supplier of Gasparin Impianti for which it realises mobile screening and crushing plants, state-of-the-art machines appreciated world-wide for their robustness, production ability and quality of the processed material.


O.M.G. mechanical workshops have an over forty-year tradition in precision machining on large steel products. The O.M.G. workshops ability allows centesimal steel machining on up to 16 metre products, with up to 25 ton weight. The machining of large products is by means of tool machines working in phases: a first milling phase rough-grinds and makes the product of dimensions near to the final result. Follow precision milling phases: particularly boring - being the curved surfaces of the products to be processed predominant - together with drilling and threading. Specific tools are used to process steel surfaces until the become conform to the customer's requested tolerances.

The centesimal precision machining of steel products with these dimensions, mainly require competence and extreme control: errors are not admitted. It is necessary to know the material, its behaviour upon temperature changing; know the machines. The latter are maintained in perfect maintenance and verification state. In recent years technology has been demanding increasingly more complex machining: the study for steel milling is a primary component of the O.M.G.'s Know-How. They are able to execute extremely particular machining, always with the utmost efficiency, reducing machinery use time to a minimum. O.M.G. has secured supply agreements with GASPARIN IMPIANTI SRL, manufacturing company of inert crushing plants, for the heavy framework section.