machining large mechanical constructions
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O.M.G. is a specialist in precision machining entailing boring, milling and framework constructions to realise medium and large sized products. The company realises structures for the most important global companies in the production of electric energy, manufacturing turbines for gas, steam, wind stations for the production of energy. The combination of professional competences, first-rate machine inventory and selection
of the used materials for machining large steel products, with hundredth of a millimeter tolerances. The company also realises industrial automation systems, highly automated machining lines and transfer lines, on drawing. O.M.G. is the supplier of Gasparin Impianti for which it realises mobile screening and crushing plants, state-of-the-art machines appreciated world-wide for their robustness, production ability and quality of the processed material.


O.M.G. has a department dedicated to designing mechanical components, also able to fully develop the designing of large steel constructions or complete automated plants. The technical personnel is available for customers and helps them in developing the project and solving any problems that might arise during the started product realisation process. O.M.G. uses its own forty-year experience in the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic sectors and is able to meet any customer requirement. O.M.G. has a VISION of the set, enabling to perceive the different difficulties that may arise during product manufacturing. Contact with the customer is continuous and the ability to prevent problems before their arising constitutes a saving for the customer, in terms of time and money.

O.M.G. normally analyses and verifies the drawing, even when the same are directly provided by the customer. It often happens that there may be inconsistencies between the drawing and the effective realisation of the piece (drawing incoherence): the customer is always provided with feedback and informed of any operational change made, to enable full traceability of the process and guarantee correspondence between the project and the made product. The machining carried out by O.M.G. may be based on the customer's project or the project can be developed by the same O.M.G. The technical department is professional and competent. The department has the most advanced 3D drawing systems, able to interface with the customer's technical/design departments. Technical experts and engineers in charge of project development, follow pre-production and the necessary information support to the commercial sector to estimate the works. The technical department also uses external entrusted consultants, selected during the 40-year activity, and the support of suppliers. Design has taken the executive role of the work since the coming of tool machines with operational system as control interface, as the machine's work parameters are directly manufactured by the design department, in electronic format.


The value added by O.M.G. is not limited to precision machining, but also involves the design and technical-specialistic consultancy areas. Shown below is a successful case proving that correct technical consultancy not only down-sizes the problem, but can also solve it. In 2004 a customer asked O.M.G. for help with the reliability of its machines. Breaking was frequent, causing continuous machine stops. The customer needed to reduce break and wear of the element to a minimum.

The customer, with the technical department until then contacted, was unable to understand the nature of the break. This problem was made aware to O.M.G. which, thanks to its intervention and help of its technical personnel, studied and modified the piece. Now, eight years later, this part no longer has problems and O.M.G.'s change is still effective.